Our Policy

  • To ensure that nuclear safety is the primary objective of the IMS, overriding all other demands
  • To adopt a zero-harm approach to dealing with people, the plant and the environment.
  • To ensure that staff are trained, competent, authorised and legally appointed to perform work in order to create the safest and most healthy working environment.
  • To foster a nuclear safety awareness culture that is championed by all staff members.
  • To comply with applicable safety, health, environmental and quality legislation
  • To be able to meet commitments to our clients in a timely and responsible manner, which does not compromise our beliefs in safety and quality’
  • To maintain a mutually beneficial supplier and sub-contractor relationships that allow open communication, knowledge sharing and problem solving.
  • To equip staff with the knowledge and resources to ensure the safety of the plant and their co-workers and to produce high-quality work.
  • To provide sufficient information and instruction to staff so that they may work in a way that minimises risk and human error, and promotes quality workmanship.
  • To ensure that effective communication underpins company operations and client relationships.
  • To ensure that assessment, monitoring, measurement and analysis tools are involved in all activities of our business, to maximise quality and safety controls.